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Honesty Kills
 They say...
You can be happy...
 Or you can be right...
I knew you didn't love me
 I knew you were lying
You were faking
 But it still tore me apart
When you told me
 I was right
I broke
Right at your feet
 And cried
Screaming for nothing
 And to no one
For a love that was pointless
 I loved a corpse
A souless thing
 That can't feel
Can't return the love
 Can't feel the gut wrenching pain
That ravages my body
 Tearing at my chest
Like sharp ivory daggers
 Can't gasp
Or choke as hot, ragged air catches in the throat
 Suffocating its victim slowly
Like an anaconda
 Squeezing breath and life from prey
Do I hate you...?
 Or hate myself for believing every lie that escaped your mouth?
Hate myself...
 For getting lost in your eyes
And seeing a soul that didn't exsist
 For shivering at your touch
And feeling fluid electricity that was never there
 For hearing your heart beat strum against mine
And believing we were meant to be together
 I could never hate you...
Only love you despite everything you've done to me
 I am yours
I always will be
 Another man can't have what isn't there
There is no me
You invaded my body, ripping innocence from it as I screamed for mercy
 There is no me
 All my thoughts are of you, all of my dreams, I can't escape even though I want to.
There is no me
I can't feel anything without you, happiness, joy, agony, regret, rage...
There is only you
There is nothing left of me
 You have taken it all
You fucking parasite
 But it's not enough for you...
Is it?


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