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Dysfunctional Family

The five members of Cinema Bizarre stared blankly at the situation before them. For some reason there was a child in the living room of the house they shared together. The child was very young, probably 1 or 2 at the most, and he could barely sit up on his own let alone find his way into their house. Yet there he was... sitting... well kind of... on their couch, his eyes curiously wandering around the room.

No one said anything as Yu walked over to the boy and picked him up, allowing a letter that the child had been holding to fall back down to the couch. Yu picked up the letter and examined it for a second before walking back over to his bandmates.

"Strify..." Yu said simply, handing the letter to the vocalist. "It's for you." Strify's eyes widened a little as he took the letter. The envelope was completely blank except for his name neatly written on the front. The other 3 band members looked over his shoulder, impatiently waiting for him to open it.

"Um... personal space?" Strify reminded them irritably.

"Then just open it already... we all wanna know why there's a kid in here..." Romeo answered. "..And it obviously has something to do with you." Strify rolled his eyes, finally opening the letter, scanning the page quickly.

"He's cute~" Kiro chimed in, stroking the toddler adoringly. "Is he like your little brother or something?"

"I think Strify would recognize his own brother, Kiro..." Shin answered, joining his friend. "Though they do look related."

"Maybe one of his little girlfriends finally tracked him down..." Romeo teased. "Wouldn't be a surprise." Kiro and Shin exchanged curious glances between eachother and Strify. Yu shrugged.

"What does the letter say?" Yu asked, looking over at the lead singer. Strify stared at the letter, his face going pale.

"Oh my god..." he murmured as he fell backward, slipping out of conciousness.


"Should we call the hospital? He's been out for awhile!"

"Kiro... it's only been five minutes..."

"Yu... shouldn't we pour cold water on him or something?"

"Doubt it, Shin...If you want him to yell at you for messing up his eyeliner then go ahead.."

"Romeo... you're not helping..."

Strify's eyes opened slowly as he came back to reality, his bandmates surrounding him.

"W-what happened...?" he asked, looking around.

"You fainted..." Yu answered. "Luckily you didn't get a concusion when you hit the floor." Strify groaned and sat up.

"I might as well have... my head is killing me..." he muttered. "God, I had the weirdest dream while I was knocked out."

"Did it look something like that?" Romeo asked, gesturing to the child Kiro and Shin were cuddling.

Strify screamed and jumped up.

"I'm dreaming..." he stuttered, hitting himself lightly. "Wake up, wake up!"

"Whose Jack?" Romeo questioned, reading over the letter.

"I think Jack is Strify's real name..." Yu answered as he read over the letter with his bandmate. Strify felt his face flush a little.

"Oh my god..." Yu and Romeo said in sync, causing Kiro and Shin to look over.

"Dear Jack..." Romeo started outloud, dodging the lead singers attempt to steal the letter back. "You may not remember me... and I don't expect you to... My name is Mikayla... and we spent the night together after your show in Berlin two years ago... I wanted to tell you since I found out but I couldn't reach you on tour... Last year I gave birth to a son, His name is Andreas, but due to unfortunate circumstances I can't take care of him any longer... so I did the only thing I could do... return him to his father... "

  All of Cinema Bizarre was quiet for a moment as the information sunk in. 

"So I was right..." Romeo smirked, breaking the silence. Strify glared at him while Kiro and Shin supressed laughter.

 "This is actually very irresponsible of you, Strify, I thought you would've known better.." Yu sighed, a bit concerned about their situation. Strify stopped glaring at Romeo and turned to the guitarist.

"I don't need sex ed lessons from you; there still isn't even any proof that it's actually my kid!" he retorted.

"He's not an it! He has a name!" Kiro defended as Andreas cuddled closer to him.

"Yeah, whatever.." Strify hissed, glancing over at the bassist. Kiro glared back, trying to seem as serious as possible but his rather feminine appearance made it hard.

"Don't be so heartless! What if he is your son? How can you be so cold to him?" Kiro nearly shouted back, his arms wrapped protectively around the child. Strify rolled his eyes and turned back to Yu. He opened his mouth to say something but the brief silence was already shattered by a loud cry. Andreas clung to Kiro's shirt, sobbing deafeningly into the fabric as warm tears spilled down over his cheeks. The group cringed at the noise as it filled the once quiet room

 Kiro walked over to the couch and sat down, comforting the child and craddling him gently.

"All of the shouting must've upset him.." Yu explained, walking around to the back of the couch and leaning over it to tenderly stroke the still crying youngster.

"Can't blame him..." Romeo commented lightly, taking the seat next to Kiro.

"Is he ok, Kiro?" Shin asked as he walked over to his friend and sitting in the free spot next to him.

"I don't know... I can't get him so calm down." Kiro answered, concern in his voice. Strify crossed his arms and looked out the window as he tried to block out the sound. It was impossible to think, he couldn't even hear his own thoughts!

 "Don't go wastin' time on somethin' else... If you lose me now I lose myself..." Strify sang quietly, trying to focus on something else. "Hey it's just you and me now..."

"Hey it's just you and me now..." Yu responded back, not thinking.

"You are circulating in my system...Takin' over my transmission...Circulating in my system...Destroying me and all my visions...I still have these pictures of you here...How can all I feel turn into fear..oh yeah...Hey it's just you and me now..I said..."

"Hey it's just you and me now" His bandmates followed along, the room now falling silent.

"He stopped crying..." Kiro murmured as he hugged the now sleeping Andreas. Strify turned back to his friends, just now breaking out of the trance he had put on himself and realizing the heavenly silence.

"Hm.. He must like the sound of Strify's voice..." Shin responded.

"Well he's gotta be his kid... I've never heard another human with pipes like that.." Romeo noted, touching his fingers to his ears gently. The other members nodded in agreement as Strify rolled his eyes again.

  "I'm going to bed. We'll deal with this tomorrow." Strify stated defiantly, quickly walking past the rest of Cinema Bizarre and down the hallway that lead to their bedrooms.




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