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The Effects of Affection and Depression

Milo pushed his back to the wall, almost hoping that his body would become transparent and he would slip right through. Damn that nurse, damn this hospital! Damn all these... "sick people," if you could call them that. Milo felt cornered, trapped like he was a lone gazelle in a pride of lions; all of them just lolling about listlessly...until he made one wrong move. He moved slowly along the overly white wall of the "sun room," trying his best to look casual and unassuming as he found what little salvation he could in the room. 

Milo ducked under a table, praying none of the crazies saw the quick movement and attacked. He felt absolutely ridiculous, hiding under a table like a child, but this was a serious situation! He was outnumbered here. There were probably thirty or so crazies in the room with him and Milo knew nothing of what disturbance they had. Everything was so sickeningly white, even the tables and the chairs! Only the wood plated radio in a far corner provided the tiniest smidgen of color. It was almost comforting, if Milo could even say that of anything here, to see the large box. It hummed some radio show that Milo couldn't identify from his distance, but from the background music, was assumably some sort of "Sherlock Holmes" type of suspense show. Four or five of the crazies were gathered around the box, like flies floating around a porchlight in the summer. It seemed to calm them, somehow. Milo felt a bit of calm overcome him as well, relaxing his tense form enough to draw him back into his own mind again...

The room was comfortably warm, around sixty degrees or so, but it felt warmer with the new lemon-colored walls. Milo marveled over his own work on the walls and the new paint job he put on Rebecca's kitchen cabinets which were now a crisp white that contrasted so beautifully with the yellow. Things were just coming together perfectly, even though they had only been married 4 months or so now, and the lovely simplicity of their kitchen was proof of that. Everything was clean from the green and white tiled floors to the dark, wooden table Milo was sitting at; Rebecca was such a wonderful housekeeper.

As if on cue, Rebecca entered the kitchen, wearing that blue dress she had on their second date... or was it the third? It didn't matter; she looked wonderful in it. The fabric swayed around her as she moved closer to him and it almost seemed like it was in slow motion; just teasing him as it folded against her long, pale legs.
    "I thought you might be thirsty after all that work, Darling" She cooed, her hand delicately caressing his shoulder as a glass of lemonade was placed on the table in front of him on one of flowered coasters. "Milo..."

Milo glanced up at her, meeting her sapphire-colored eyes. She was so pretty; long eyelashes, soft lips, strawberry blonde hair, everything about her so undeniably perfect.
    "Yes?" He answered her.
        "Milo...?" She repeated. "You're Milo, right...?" Milo gave her a quizzical look. What kind of question was that?
            "Of course, who else would I be...?" 

Suddenly everything was moving slowly, like time was slowing and seconds were turning into minutes. The color of the walls started to melt off and were white again; even the table and the tiles were being stripped of their pigments.

"Hey! Are you alright?" A man's voice.

Milo blinked, his breath hitching as he snapped back into reality. He looked around, taking a second to remember where he was and who he was with. Oh right...Sun room... crazies...
"Hey, Man, are you ok?" It was that voice again. Milo looked over, automatically following the voice and found himself locking gazes with another man. His eyes were blue, almost the same shade as Rebecca's but a little lighter and he was crouched down on the floor so he could see Milo in his hiding spot under the table.
"Yeah..." Milo confirmed after a moment, giving the man a slight nod. "I'm fine... Thanks..." 

Wait a minute... Milo examined the man closer.

"Good, I was worried about you there for a second..." 

He wasn't a doctor.

"...first you're under a table..."

He was a patient.

"...then you start zoning out, all trance-like..."

He was a crazie....

"...But anyway, I'm Avery Walker, nice to meet you, man."

Milo screamed.


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