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Bella Notte
   I shivered again for about the millionth time that night; no one told me that nights were going to be this cold. I really wish I had brought my coat with me; a thin white t-shirt just wasn't going to do it. I think Dominique either sensed my discomfort or saw me shiver because only a moment later I felt his arm around my shoulders.
   "Cold, Angel?" he asked casually; pulling me in a little closer. I instinctively nuzzled closer into his chest, breathing in the comforting scent of his cologne and the expensive Italian leather jacket he was wearing. I heard a low chuckle from his throat as he pulled away from me.
   "I'll take that as a yes.." Dominique answered his own question as he slipped the jacket off and draped it over my shoulders, pulling me back into him again. I felt a light blush spread across my face.

   "I don't need this.." I protested, pulling away from him and taking the coat off. "You're gonna get cold without it.." Dominique just smiled and shrugged.
   "I'll survive... keep it." He retorted, walking ahead of me. I put the jacket back on and sped up to him, locking my hand around his.
      "I'm gonna get lost if you keep walking away from me..." I reminded him as I looked around at the beautiful yet unfamiliar surroundings. Dominique just rolled his eyes and laughed again.
   "I would never lose you, Angel." He replied, kissing my cheek gently before finishing his sentence softly in my ear. "I wouldn't be able to live without you."

  I felt my face flush deeper but the warmth of his breath was too tempting to allow me to pull away from him.
   "Where are we going anyway?" I asked, changing the subject. "i'm pretty sure we're no where near your house.... though I might be wrong." Dominique shook his head and pulled me down the street faster.
  "No, you're right... but I want to show you something!" he explained in an almost childishly excited voice. I had a hard time keeping up with him, even though most of the effects from the wine at dinner had worn off, but I managed to follow him through the winding streets.

  I almost ran into him as Dominique abruptly stopped short.
    "Ecco!" he nearly shouted with a very Italian flourish as my eyes widened. I cautiously stepped forward into the circle of soft light that came from the lights that surrounded us. My sapphire eyes were transfixed on the shimmering water that poured and rippled from the fountain in front of me. An ornate sculpture of an angel seemed to float just above the glittering pool below it, it's wings arched upward with one hand reaching up to the heavens. Behind it a wall of water flowed freely and the added light created almost a halo around the figure. It was breath-taking.

  "Cosa ne pensi?" Dominique asked, his arm around me again. It took a bit of concentration to pull my eyes away from the fountain and turn to the man who was next to me. I smiled at him coyly and flicked his chest with my finger.
  "Stop speaking Italian at me... you know I can't understand you." I retorted. Dominique smirked at my playful tone and pulled me into a kiss.
   "Doesn't it just set the mood, though? Italiano is the world's most romantic language." he practically purred into my ear. I returned the flirtatious smirk and pulled back a litttle bit.
  "Perhaps... but I believe French is the official language of love." I pointed out, adding a teasing tone to my words. "Mon petit garcon Italien~"

  Dominique rolled his chocolate colored eyes at me again.
   "Clever, ragazzo francese..." He commented lightly, enjoying the witty banter. "But I know a language thats even more romantic, and we both know it."
    "..And what language would that be?" I asked, playing along. I barely finished my sentence before his lips met mine again. He pulled back only an inch or two to answer me.
   "An unspoken one..." 


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