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Love Songs (They Kill Me)
StrifyXYu Romance

   The kiss lasted only a minute and I really wish it had lasted longer. I told myself over and over again, that I was doing this for the fans, not because I liked it. But that was a lie... I did like it. Yu pulled away from me after a minute and I had to bring myself back to reality and finish the song. It's kind of hard to sing when you can't even breathe, but I managed.


  Strify leaned the folding chair back as far as it would go without falling over; finishing his third water bottle in the past five minutes. Concerts were fun as hell but they really did drain you. Yu, his guitarist, casually walked over, water bottle number four in hand. Yu sat in the chair next to him and waited patiently for Strify to notice him.
  "Got the water..." Yu finally broke the silence; handing the bottle over to the lead singer. Strify still refused to look at his friend.
    "Thanks" he said dismissively. Yuu sighed and put the water down on the table in front of them. He hated it when Strify was in one of his "diva" moods.
  "So what is it this time?" He asked, crossing his arms.
    "What are you talking about?" Strify responded in an slightly arrogant tone as he let the chair fall down into its proper position with a loud clang.
   "You know what... What's with the Mr. Superstar act all of a sudden?" 

   Strify didn't answer. What the hell was he supposed to say? Well you see... I'm think I might be gay and I find you incredibly attractive but instead of saying that I decided to act like I hate you? Yeah... that'll work out famously. Still Yu waited quietly for an answer that wasn't coming. After a few minutes he sighed again; getting up.
  "Ok... If you don't want to tell me, I won't bug you about it..." It was amazing how Yu could be so casual when something was bothering him, Strify probably would've flipped. It was one thing he always envied about Yu... one thing he found particularly inticing. Well... that and the fact that Yu had probably the hottest body he had ever seen. That perfect frame outlined in form fitting black fabric was to die for and with those skinny jeans hugging the contour of his-

  Strify flipped his sunglasses back down over his eyes, the official "end of this conversation" signal... and to keep from totally staring at his bandmate any longer. Yu shrugged and walked away, annoyed but as usual not showing it at all. Strify would've hit himself if it wouldn't hurt; that was the stupidest way to handle the problem. Strify got up and followed Yu, catching his shoulder and pulling them both back behind a curtian and out of veiw.

  "Do you really wanna know whats wrong?" Strify asked, taking off his sunglasses to lock his eyes with the guitarists'. Yu nodded, still a bit startled by his bandmate's behavior. He was more surprised by what came next as Strify pulled him close and kissed him. They had kissed before but this was different. Stage-play couldn't compare to the intense feeling of their lips against eachother now. And despite what their amazing acting skills might suggest... they had never really french-kissed eachother before. Yu was confused but he couldn't deny the desire to battle the vocalist for dominance. Strify fought back for a moment, his pride still getting the better of him, before he let Yu take control. Yu took full advantage of the opportunity; his tounge tasting every inch of his partner's mouth.

  The kiss broke after a few minutes, both of them needing air after the heat of their kiss. 


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