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The Effects of Affection and Depression

Milo pushed his back to the wall, almost hoping that his body would become transparent and he would slip right through. Damn that nurse, damn this hospital! Damn all these... "sick people," if you could call them that. Milo felt cornered, trapped like he was a lone gazelle in a pride of lions; all of them just lolling about listlessly...until he made one wrong move. He moved slowly along the overly white wall of the "sun room," trying his best to look casual and unassuming as he found what little salvation he could in the room. 

Milo ducked under a table, praying none of the crazies saw the quick movement and attacked. He felt absolutely ridiculous, hiding under a table like a child, but this was a serious situation! He was outnumbered here. There were probably thirty or so crazies in the room with him and Milo knew nothing of what disturbance they had. Everything was so sickeningly white, even the tables and the chairs! Only the wood plated radio in a far corner provided the tiniest smidgen of color. It was almost comforting, if Milo could even say that of anything here, to see the large box. It hummed some radio show that Milo couldn't identify from his distance, but from the background music, was assumably some sort of "Sherlock Holmes" type of suspense show. Four or five of the crazies were gathered around the box, like flies floating around a porchlight in the summer. It seemed to calm them, somehow. Milo felt a bit of calm overcome him as well, relaxing his tense form enough to draw him back into his own mind again...

The room was comfortably warm, around sixty degrees or so, but it felt warmer with the new lemon-colored walls. Milo marveled over his own work on the walls and the new paint job he put on Rebecca's kitchen cabinets which were now a crisp white that contrasted so beautifully with the yellow. Things were just coming together perfectly, even though they had only been married 4 months or so now, and the lovely simplicity of their kitchen was proof of that. Everything was clean from the green and white tiled floors to the dark, wooden table Milo was sitting at; Rebecca was such a wonderful housekeeper.

As if on cue, Rebecca entered the kitchen, wearing that blue dress she had on their second date... or was it the third? It didn't matter; she looked wonderful in it. The fabric swayed around her as she moved closer to him and it almost seemed like it was in slow motion; just teasing him as it folded against her long, pale legs.
    "I thought you might be thirsty after all that work, Darling" She cooed, her hand delicately caressing his shoulder as a glass of lemonade was placed on the table in front of him on one of flowered coasters. "Milo..."

Milo glanced up at her, meeting her sapphire-colored eyes. She was so pretty; long eyelashes, soft lips, strawberry blonde hair, everything about her so undeniably perfect.
    "Yes?" He answered her.
        "Milo...?" She repeated. "You're Milo, right...?" Milo gave her a quizzical look. What kind of question was that?
            "Of course, who else would I be...?" 

Suddenly everything was moving slowly, like time was slowing and seconds were turning into minutes. The color of the walls started to melt off and were white again; even the table and the tiles were being stripped of their pigments.

"Hey! Are you alright?" A man's voice.

Milo blinked, his breath hitching as he snapped back into reality. He looked around, taking a second to remember where he was and who he was with. Oh right...Sun room... crazies...
"Hey, Man, are you ok?" It was that voice again. Milo looked over, automatically following the voice and found himself locking gazes with another man. His eyes were blue, almost the same shade as Rebecca's but a little lighter and he was crouched down on the floor so he could see Milo in his hiding spot under the table.
"Yeah..." Milo confirmed after a moment, giving the man a slight nod. "I'm fine... Thanks..." 

Wait a minute... Milo examined the man closer.

"Good, I was worried about you there for a second..." 

He wasn't a doctor.

"...first you're under a table..."

He was a patient.

"...then you start zoning out, all trance-like..."

He was a crazie....

"...But anyway, I'm Avery Walker, nice to meet you, man."

Milo screamed.

The Year of the Scavenger
The Year of the Scavenger
Omsk, Russia: Winter 1996

Thick fog hung stiffly in the dark of the night; only bright moonlight penetrating the cloud and illuminating what it could of the dirty city street. It was quiet too; the almost imperceptible trickle of light rainfall and the shift of the wind barely audible due to its softness. The faint sound of a person stalking quietly through the dense mist was the only distinguishable noise and even that could fall unnoticed to untrained ears. Jemai moved with silent precision, breathing in the murky air around him slowly; tasting the metallic tinge and hint of dampness as it ghosted over his tongue. After so many years it was all too familiar now and, despite its bitterness, useful as any slight change was obvious. His tongue ran leisurely over the smooth ivory surface of his canines, holding onto one flavor and savoring it for a moment before shattering the silence of the night with the sound of quick footfalls against the wet concrete.

There was definantly a different taste in the air tonight; so deliciously familiar that it sent his heart into a frenzy at just the slight inclination of it. Hot adrenaline pumped through his veins as his quickened pace became a full on sprint, still inhumanly silent but now moving at a dangerous speed. He could smell blood, taste it, fresh and warm in the air; the substance still new enough from its source that it had not yet rotted by the stench of death. Jemai would bet whomever this blood was coming from was only just slaughtered- judging by the pureness of it and the vast quantity that so rapidly drenched the surrounding air –and most likely still breathing at this point. He had to move quickly. There was a fifty-fifty chance that whatever had just committed this murder was not human and even in the off chance it was, in fact, human on human violence, other scavengers would be seeking out the newly slain corpse as he was. Jemai was in no mood to fight for a meal but he didn’t have much choice at this point; going too much longer without fresh blood was risky, even with his power levels.

As he drew closer- almost astonished by the proximity of this particular murder -Jemai felt a shiver run through his body. The corpse, a woman, was crumpled up on the ground, the sought after liquid in a pool around her and splattered all over the alley way she was left in. It was obvious from the sporadic way the blood was thrown about that, contrary to his original assumption, this was the work of another mortal. A sociopath, Jemai guessed, one who killed with no particular cause or pattern due to some trauma that in his mind justified this kind of carnage. A lesser demon would’ve ripped the body up and devoured it without much thought, their savagery almost leading them to lick the blood from the stone, but Jemai restrained himself; kneeling close to the cadaver and giving it closer inspection.

The woman’s eyes, gray and clouded with agony, darted towards him and a choking hiss escaped her throat as she attempted to plead for his assistance, to be saved, but Jemai paid her no mind. The cuts the attacker had slashed across her body were fatal but, from what he could see, were not able to give her a quick death. At this rate the woman probably had a few more minutes of clinging futilely to life before she finally bled to death. Another ragged gasp of air managed to escape her again and this time she got his attention. She whimpered another wordless plea as his glassy-amethyst gaze fell upon her; trying again to seek some sort of salvation and it was almost amusing to see such desperation.

He Plays Violin
 He stands on the rooftop
Playing in the moonlight
Waiting for sunlight
To save him from the dark

He sings till the morning
Of love and life
And a bleeding knife
He takes against his wrist

He sings about pain
Though not of his own
But the forgotten and alone
Who pray for a savior

He stopped believing in long ago...

And she cries
Like he used to
When he refused to
Feel... This world anymore

And she feels
Just like he feels
When his mind reels
In the dark...waiting for a light

As darkness falls, Lights go up
For his show
And she knows
It's the finale

He's still bleeding
And he just can't take it
His heart stops breaking
And beating

The city is loud
But he's silent now
This is his last bow
As he falls

Down to the street...

And she cries
Like he used to
When he refused to
Feel... this world anymore

And She feels
Just like He feels
When his mind reels
In the dark.... waiting for, a light

In the dark...
In the dark...
Waiting for... a light!

And she plays
Like he used to
When he refused to
Wait, for his savior!

And she sings
Just like he would
If he just could
hold on... to the light...

Bells for The Clergy
 I heard bells in the morning
Calling to my soul
That was already lost in mourning
The world that was never whole

I'm lost and can't be found
Even the by the angels and saviors
I'm trapped far under ground
Where we have horns for halos

Heaven is so far away from me now
An the fire of Hell is warm
Am I too far gone? Should I take my last bow?
Am I trapped forever in a violent storm?

Ring bells for the clergy
'Cuz sinners can't be saved
We'll swing scythes forever
Till our dying day

Shine light for the Angels
Demons stay in the dark
To burn down in the fire
Till its final spark

This is Just a Dream...
  27 year-old Ann Marie sat curled up on her couch, her emerald eyes out the window watching the snow fall outside. Letters, about 20 or so, were scattered all around her, on the couch, the coffee table, the floor. One in particular was clenched tightly in her hand, its surface wrinkled and torn from being crumpled and unfolded many times. Since she had received the letter, she has attempted to throw it out at least a dozen times, but each time she'd regrettably fished it out of the waste basket and stuffed it back in the drawer with the others.

  The letter made it real. All the pain that had kept her awake every night these past few weeks, all the tears that had rolled down her flushed cheeks, were real because of that letter. Her home was now cold, even with the fire crackling in the hearth and the fleece blanket her mother had given her wrapped around her slim shoulders, because of that letter. She was alone, terrified and empty, on Christmas Eve... because of that letter.

  Yet she still couldn't bring her self to finally get rid of it. Or any of the others, despite each one being a painful slap to the face as she gazed upon them. They were all she had left. Ann Marie brought the glass of red wine that had been steadily starting to warm on her coffee table up to her lips, taking in the now off-set tasting liquid. She had been saving this wine for tonight, but she hadn't intended to be drinking it alone or to use it to drown out the sad feeling in the pit of her stomach. 

  This would've been their 5th Christmas together and Ann Marie had spent many long hours planning for it. She'd wear that silky red dress she'd bought at that expensive boutique in town in September and do her hair up with the crystal butterfly pins he'd bought her for her birthday. They'd match well with the diamond necklace and earing set he'd bought her last Christmas. She'd  have dinner ready, candles lit and wine chilling, when he walked in the door. She would then strip him of his suit coat and tie, leaving the top two buttons of his shirt open in that alluring way before putting away his briefcase and leading him over to the dining room.

   Dinner would've been a little less than perfect, her grandmother's stuffing a little too dry and the ham she'd spent all day slow roasting a little over cooked but he'd claim it was absolutely divine. She'd give him a knowing smile that would silently thank him for putting up with her attempt at cooking. The first glass of wine would be gone and a second would be poured by the time they got to dessert. Another recipe from her Grandmother, the chocolate cake he adored ever since they'd had it on their first Valentines day and that they'd later use for their wedding cake the year after. 

  Two glasses of wine would be more than enough to get her tipsy and watching her lick the cake's vanilla frosting off her lips would definantly get him excited. He would stand up and ask her to follow him upstairs to their bedroom and she'd oblige after pretending to be worried about the dishes. They wouldn't make it all the way upstairs, having been passionately making out since they left the dining room and they'd most likely slowly fall to the floor of their living room. Their shoes would have been lost long ago and he would be making quick work of her dress, starting his way down her chest as his fingers eagerly began unhooking her bra.

   She'd squirm impatiently beneath him, pushing her body up against his and begging for him to be inside her faster. It wouldn't be long before she was completely naked and he would be hovering above her, unbuttoning his shirt as fast as his hands would allow and letting it fall to the floor in a pile with her dress as he leaned down to kiss her again. She'd be too focused on the way his tongue skillfully moved in her mouth to notice that his pants were off and she'd only notice a moment later when she had to break the kiss to moan as he penetrated her.

   Time would move quickly after that, an hour seeming to just be minutes as blind pleasure and love flowed through them. The whole world would fall to pieces leaving just the two of them in heated bliss. After they'd finished, their bodies still warm from friction and the alcohol, he'd kiss her again, slowly and tenderly before picking her up off the floor. He'd lay her down on the couch before nestling up beside her, covering them both with that same fleece blanket. He'd nuzzle her neck, giving her featherlight kisses as she calmly drifted to sleep in his arms.

  Ann Marie felt the tears start in her eyes, trying to wipe them away before they spilled out and down her face. She was so tired of crying. It was no use, tears couldn't change anything. 

Bella Notte
   I shivered again for about the millionth time that night; no one told me that nights were going to be this cold. I really wish I had brought my coat with me; a thin white t-shirt just wasn't going to do it. I think Dominique either sensed my discomfort or saw me shiver because only a moment later I felt his arm around my shoulders.
   "Cold, Angel?" he asked casually; pulling me in a little closer. I instinctively nuzzled closer into his chest, breathing in the comforting scent of his cologne and the expensive Italian leather jacket he was wearing. I heard a low chuckle from his throat as he pulled away from me.
   "I'll take that as a yes.." Dominique answered his own question as he slipped the jacket off and draped it over my shoulders, pulling me back into him again. I felt a light blush spread across my face.

   "I don't need this.." I protested, pulling away from him and taking the coat off. "You're gonna get cold without it.." Dominique just smiled and shrugged.
   "I'll survive... keep it." He retorted, walking ahead of me. I put the jacket back on and sped up to him, locking my hand around his.
      "I'm gonna get lost if you keep walking away from me..." I reminded him as I looked around at the beautiful yet unfamiliar surroundings. Dominique just rolled his eyes and laughed again.
   "I would never lose you, Angel." He replied, kissing my cheek gently before finishing his sentence softly in my ear. "I wouldn't be able to live without you."

  I felt my face flush deeper but the warmth of his breath was too tempting to allow me to pull away from him.
   "Where are we going anyway?" I asked, changing the subject. "i'm pretty sure we're no where near your house.... though I might be wrong." Dominique shook his head and pulled me down the street faster.
  "No, you're right... but I want to show you something!" he explained in an almost childishly excited voice. I had a hard time keeping up with him, even though most of the effects from the wine at dinner had worn off, but I managed to follow him through the winding streets.

  I almost ran into him as Dominique abruptly stopped short.
    "Ecco!" he nearly shouted with a very Italian flourish as my eyes widened. I cautiously stepped forward into the circle of soft light that came from the lights that surrounded us. My sapphire eyes were transfixed on the shimmering water that poured and rippled from the fountain in front of me. An ornate sculpture of an angel seemed to float just above the glittering pool below it, it's wings arched upward with one hand reaching up to the heavens. Behind it a wall of water flowed freely and the added light created almost a halo around the figure. It was breath-taking.

  "Cosa ne pensi?" Dominique asked, his arm around me again. It took a bit of concentration to pull my eyes away from the fountain and turn to the man who was next to me. I smiled at him coyly and flicked his chest with my finger.
  "Stop speaking Italian at me... you know I can't understand you." I retorted. Dominique smirked at my playful tone and pulled me into a kiss.
   "Doesn't it just set the mood, though? Italiano is the world's most romantic language." he practically purred into my ear. I returned the flirtatious smirk and pulled back a litttle bit.
  "Perhaps... but I believe French is the official language of love." I pointed out, adding a teasing tone to my words. "Mon petit garcon Italien~"

  Dominique rolled his chocolate colored eyes at me again.
   "Clever, ragazzo francese..." He commented lightly, enjoying the witty banter. "But I know a language thats even more romantic, and we both know it."
    "..And what language would that be?" I asked, playing along. I barely finished my sentence before his lips met mine again. He pulled back only an inch or two to answer me.
   "An unspoken one..." 

Honesty Kills
 They say...
You can be happy...
 Or you can be right...
I knew you didn't love me
 I knew you were lying
You were faking
 But it still tore me apart
When you told me
 I was right
I broke
Right at your feet
 And cried
Screaming for nothing
 And to no one
For a love that was pointless
 I loved a corpse
A souless thing
 That can't feel
Can't return the love
 Can't feel the gut wrenching pain
That ravages my body
 Tearing at my chest
Like sharp ivory daggers
 Can't gasp
Or choke as hot, ragged air catches in the throat
 Suffocating its victim slowly
Like an anaconda
 Squeezing breath and life from prey
Do I hate you...?
 Or hate myself for believing every lie that escaped your mouth?
Hate myself...
 For getting lost in your eyes
And seeing a soul that didn't exsist
 For shivering at your touch
And feeling fluid electricity that was never there
 For hearing your heart beat strum against mine
And believing we were meant to be together
 I could never hate you...
Only love you despite everything you've done to me
 I am yours
I always will be
 Another man can't have what isn't there
There is no me
You invaded my body, ripping innocence from it as I screamed for mercy
 There is no me
 All my thoughts are of you, all of my dreams, I can't escape even though I want to.
There is no me
I can't feel anything without you, happiness, joy, agony, regret, rage...
There is only you
There is nothing left of me
 You have taken it all
You fucking parasite
 But it's not enough for you...
Is it?

Ilicit Affairs

   My heart skipped a beat when I heard the opening of the front door. I knew who it was; I'd been waiting for him all afternoon. Despite my anxiousness I still managed to slowly descend the stairs to where he was patiently waiting for me.
   "Where are your manners, Itachi-chan? Just walk right into my house, huh?" I teased pulling my 13-year-old cousin into a usual hug. Itachi blinked and fidgeted in my arms a little.
   "You knew I was coming over Shisui-niisan... I would've knocked had I found it necessary." he responded, dodging my attempt to make conversation either intentionally or the opposite. I held him close for a few seconds longer before common courtesy forced us apart.

  "I think you get taller every time I see you, Itachi-chan." I commented lightly, trying at small talk again. "You'll be taller than me soon at this rate." Itachi gave me the same indifferent look.
  "I seriously doubt I got any taller since yesterday, Shisui-niisan." he said simply; avoiding me again. I sighed, half frustrated and half from the inevitable defeat.
   "You're really bad at this whole 'small talk' thing..." I murmured as Itachi walked past me and up the stairs. I followed him automatically; still racking my brain for anything else I could possibly say to start a conversation with my rather dense counterpart.

  Itachi beat me to my room by only a few seconds and he was sitting on my bed when I walked in, his crimson gaze out the window as he got lost in his own thoughts. I walked quietly across the room and took a seat next to him; taking the opportunity to watch him. Itachi always looked cute, irrevocably adorable, but when he zoned out like that it was too much. He was always so serious and now his transfixed stare was like a child, like he was seeing amazing things that were invisible to the rest of the world.

  I had known this for years, I was undeniably in love with Itachi. It was obvious by how enamored I was by even the smallest detail of him. Every few seconds his long eyelashes would flutter downward, slowly like petals in a summer breeze, then drift at the same pace back up. I loved the soft, translucent look of his pale skin and the tauntingly beautiful way it contrasted the long, raven-toned locks that framed his face and fell like a dark waterfall down his back and shoulders.

Dysfunctional Family

The five members of Cinema Bizarre stared blankly at the situation before them. For some reason there was a child in the living room of the house they shared together. The child was very young, probably 1 or 2 at the most, and he could barely sit up on his own let alone find his way into their house. Yet there he was... sitting... well kind of... on their couch, his eyes curiously wandering around the room.

No one said anything as Yu walked over to the boy and picked him up, allowing a letter that the child had been holding to fall back down to the couch. Yu picked up the letter and examined it for a second before walking back over to his bandmates.

"Strify..." Yu said simply, handing the letter to the vocalist. "It's for you." Strify's eyes widened a little as he took the letter. The envelope was completely blank except for his name neatly written on the front. The other 3 band members looked over his shoulder, impatiently waiting for him to open it.

"Um... personal space?" Strify reminded them irritably.

"Then just open it already... we all wanna know why there's a kid in here..." Romeo answered. "..And it obviously has something to do with you." Strify rolled his eyes, finally opening the letter, scanning the page quickly.

"He's cute~" Kiro chimed in, stroking the toddler adoringly. "Is he like your little brother or something?"

"I think Strify would recognize his own brother, Kiro..." Shin answered, joining his friend. "Though they do look related."

"Maybe one of his little girlfriends finally tracked him down..." Romeo teased. "Wouldn't be a surprise." Kiro and Shin exchanged curious glances between eachother and Strify. Yu shrugged.

"What does the letter say?" Yu asked, looking over at the lead singer. Strify stared at the letter, his face going pale.

"Oh my god..." he murmured as he fell backward, slipping out of conciousness.


"Should we call the hospital? He's been out for awhile!"

"Kiro... it's only been five minutes..."

"Yu... shouldn't we pour cold water on him or something?"

"Doubt it, Shin...If you want him to yell at you for messing up his eyeliner then go ahead.."

"Romeo... you're not helping..."

Strify's eyes opened slowly as he came back to reality, his bandmates surrounding him.

"W-what happened...?" he asked, looking around.

"You fainted..." Yu answered. "Luckily you didn't get a concusion when you hit the floor." Strify groaned and sat up.

"I might as well have... my head is killing me..." he muttered. "God, I had the weirdest dream while I was knocked out."

"Did it look something like that?" Romeo asked, gesturing to the child Kiro and Shin were cuddling.

Strify screamed and jumped up.

"I'm dreaming..." he stuttered, hitting himself lightly. "Wake up, wake up!"

"Whose Jack?" Romeo questioned, reading over the letter.

"I think Jack is Strify's real name..." Yu answered as he read over the letter with his bandmate. Strify felt his face flush a little.

"Oh my god..." Yu and Romeo said in sync, causing Kiro and Shin to look over.

"Dear Jack..." Romeo started outloud, dodging the lead singers attempt to steal the letter back. "You may not remember me... and I don't expect you to... My name is Mikayla... and we spent the night together after your show in Berlin two years ago... I wanted to tell you since I found out but I couldn't reach you on tour... Last year I gave birth to a son, His name is Andreas, but due to unfortunate circumstances I can't take care of him any longer... so I did the only thing I could do... return him to his father... "

  All of Cinema Bizarre was quiet for a moment as the information sunk in. 

"So I was right..." Romeo smirked, breaking the silence. Strify glared at him while Kiro and Shin supressed laughter.

 "This is actually very irresponsible of you, Strify, I thought you would've known better.." Yu sighed, a bit concerned about their situation. Strify stopped glaring at Romeo and turned to the guitarist.

"I don't need sex ed lessons from you; there still isn't even any proof that it's actually my kid!" he retorted.

"He's not an it! He has a name!" Kiro defended as Andreas cuddled closer to him.

"Yeah, whatever.." Strify hissed, glancing over at the bassist. Kiro glared back, trying to seem as serious as possible but his rather feminine appearance made it hard.

"Don't be so heartless! What if he is your son? How can you be so cold to him?" Kiro nearly shouted back, his arms wrapped protectively around the child. Strify rolled his eyes and turned back to Yu. He opened his mouth to say something but the brief silence was already shattered by a loud cry. Andreas clung to Kiro's shirt, sobbing deafeningly into the fabric as warm tears spilled down over his cheeks. The group cringed at the noise as it filled the once quiet room

 Kiro walked over to the couch and sat down, comforting the child and craddling him gently.

"All of the shouting must've upset him.." Yu explained, walking around to the back of the couch and leaning over it to tenderly stroke the still crying youngster.

"Can't blame him..." Romeo commented lightly, taking the seat next to Kiro.

"Is he ok, Kiro?" Shin asked as he walked over to his friend and sitting in the free spot next to him.

"I don't know... I can't get him so calm down." Kiro answered, concern in his voice. Strify crossed his arms and looked out the window as he tried to block out the sound. It was impossible to think, he couldn't even hear his own thoughts!

 "Don't go wastin' time on somethin' else... If you lose me now I lose myself..." Strify sang quietly, trying to focus on something else. "Hey it's just you and me now..."

"Hey it's just you and me now..." Yu responded back, not thinking.

"You are circulating in my system...Takin' over my transmission...Circulating in my system...Destroying me and all my visions...I still have these pictures of you here...How can all I feel turn into fear..oh yeah...Hey it's just you and me now..I said..."

"Hey it's just you and me now" His bandmates followed along, the room now falling silent.

"He stopped crying..." Kiro murmured as he hugged the now sleeping Andreas. Strify turned back to his friends, just now breaking out of the trance he had put on himself and realizing the heavenly silence.

"Hm.. He must like the sound of Strify's voice..." Shin responded.

"Well he's gotta be his kid... I've never heard another human with pipes like that.." Romeo noted, touching his fingers to his ears gently. The other members nodded in agreement as Strify rolled his eyes again.

  "I'm going to bed. We'll deal with this tomorrow." Strify stated defiantly, quickly walking past the rest of Cinema Bizarre and down the hallway that lead to their bedrooms.



Love Songs (They Kill Me)
StrifyXYu Romance

   The kiss lasted only a minute and I really wish it had lasted longer. I told myself over and over again, that I was doing this for the fans, not because I liked it. But that was a lie... I did like it. Yu pulled away from me after a minute and I had to bring myself back to reality and finish the song. It's kind of hard to sing when you can't even breathe, but I managed.


  Strify leaned the folding chair back as far as it would go without falling over; finishing his third water bottle in the past five minutes. Concerts were fun as hell but they really did drain you. Yu, his guitarist, casually walked over, water bottle number four in hand. Yu sat in the chair next to him and waited patiently for Strify to notice him.
  "Got the water..." Yu finally broke the silence; handing the bottle over to the lead singer. Strify still refused to look at his friend.
    "Thanks" he said dismissively. Yuu sighed and put the water down on the table in front of them. He hated it when Strify was in one of his "diva" moods.
  "So what is it this time?" He asked, crossing his arms.
    "What are you talking about?" Strify responded in an slightly arrogant tone as he let the chair fall down into its proper position with a loud clang.
   "You know what... What's with the Mr. Superstar act all of a sudden?" 

   Strify didn't answer. What the hell was he supposed to say? Well you see... I'm think I might be gay and I find you incredibly attractive but instead of saying that I decided to act like I hate you? Yeah... that'll work out famously. Still Yu waited quietly for an answer that wasn't coming. After a few minutes he sighed again; getting up.
  "Ok... If you don't want to tell me, I won't bug you about it..." It was amazing how Yu could be so casual when something was bothering him, Strify probably would've flipped. It was one thing he always envied about Yu... one thing he found particularly inticing. Well... that and the fact that Yu had probably the hottest body he had ever seen. That perfect frame outlined in form fitting black fabric was to die for and with those skinny jeans hugging the contour of his-

  Strify flipped his sunglasses back down over his eyes, the official "end of this conversation" signal... and to keep from totally staring at his bandmate any longer. Yu shrugged and walked away, annoyed but as usual not showing it at all. Strify would've hit himself if it wouldn't hurt; that was the stupidest way to handle the problem. Strify got up and followed Yu, catching his shoulder and pulling them both back behind a curtian and out of veiw.

  "Do you really wanna know whats wrong?" Strify asked, taking off his sunglasses to lock his eyes with the guitarists'. Yu nodded, still a bit startled by his bandmate's behavior. He was more surprised by what came next as Strify pulled him close and kissed him. They had kissed before but this was different. Stage-play couldn't compare to the intense feeling of their lips against eachother now. And despite what their amazing acting skills might suggest... they had never really french-kissed eachother before. Yu was confused but he couldn't deny the desire to battle the vocalist for dominance. Strify fought back for a moment, his pride still getting the better of him, before he let Yu take control. Yu took full advantage of the opportunity; his tounge tasting every inch of his partner's mouth.

  The kiss broke after a few minutes, both of them needing air after the heat of their kiss. 


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